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As the global economy continually grows and matures, businesses expand and competition increases. We all acknowledge the fact that a lot of changes have occurred in the past several years, and we continue to anticipate, both good and bad events. In view of the rapid development, where does your business stand in this highly competitive economy? One of the major trends that present a practical solution is outsourcing services to cut down on overhead costs. By definition, outsourcing is delegating or shifting a part or all of the company’s daily operation or business process to an external business provider. Most businessmen decide to outsource services with the expectation of enjoying lower rates, better quality and that sense of acquiring a strategic edge over the competition.

R.T. Belarmino & Co., CPAs outsourcing services touch every industry and business process. We transform our clients’ operations, making them smarter, faster and cheaper, while working with visionary organizations to define innovations in strategic outsourcing. Today, more than ever, organizations must be both efficient and effective—with consistent processes, uniform technology and a strong control environment to help achieve high performance in a challenging global marketplace.

R.T. Belarmino & Co., CPAs provides a wide range of outsourcing services to meet your company’s accounting, tax, financial management and consulting needs. Our services allow you to concentrate on what you do best while leaving specialized support functions to us.


What do we offer?

Some examples of our outsourcing services include:

Internal audits
Financial statement preparation
General ledger maintenance
Monthly & year-end closing assistance
Payroll &  tax return preparation
Account reconciliations
Controller & bookkeeper staffing
Payroll & accounts payable processing
Accounting systems design
Accounting staff training
Depreciation schedules
Accounting software assistance