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Business Registration

You may find preparing your company’s Business registrations with government agencies, financial compliance and operations review, preparation of accounting manual , controllership ,preparation of interim financial statements certification for royalties and etc to be an overwhelming task. ?

Researching all the business licenses and permits required for your particular business and location can be quite time consuming. Failure to comply with license and permit requirements can lead to pricey penalties or leave business owners with no legal protection. These requirements vary by industry and also depend on how business is transacted and where the business is located.

Let R.T. Belarmino & Co., CPAs  help you and your company in obtaining these necessary documents , registration/permits, and processing these with pertinent government agencies. We will assist you in determining the appropriate business vehicle for your company, whether its a branch office, domestic corporation, or representative office, and ensure that your company's business intentions, foreign ownership restrictions, tax, income and corporate concerns fit in well with the structure of your business enterprise.

Helping  you in determining business opportunities, and suggesting tax efficient structures for your business company.

What do we offer:

  • SEC reservation and registration
  • BIR registration
  • Mayor’s or Business Permit processing
  • Baranggay Clearance
  • Social Security System(SSS) set-up
  • Philippine Health Insurance (Philhealth) set-up
  • Home Mutual Development Fund(HDMF) or Pag-ibig set-up
  • Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) registration
  • Copyright and Trademark registration